Never withhold yourself from who you are

First I want you to know I prefer writing in english from now on. Not only because I love using these beautiful words more but I can also express myself in a much better way. When I tell my story about my passion of fine art photography and when I'm creating an image I become more inspired. That means that I'm also thinking in this language and it's making me so compleet and very happy. 


Having said this I want to take you with me and let you see what I have created. I made this image with a special purpose. It's a new path I discovered and dare to take on my journey. I want to express myself in what is important in my life and what I have learned untill now.

It's about life and what has made you as who you are now and what you were. But more important who you can be. If you even let yourself. No matter what obstacles there are or who ever is pushing you an other direction. Or even when you are being suppressed you are always free to go your own way. 


The image is about this character, a woman in seven way's placed. She has been in different situations in her life where she was feeling suppressed. She did not have enough courage to take the blindfold off.

In a way she had resigned to it's fate, thought she was imagened it. She felt frustrated, sad and alone.

But as time progressed she realized that she could free herself because she had the right to. And so she did. 

And de pink color of her dress turns into white and means freedom and inspiration. 


I hope you can appreciate this image or maybe you can recognize yourself in it. Either way I hope it inspires you and may help other women to know that you always have a choice to be free and take that blindfold off. Because no one has the right to withhold you from who you are...




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