Memories are timeless

This is day 7 of the 15-day content creation challenge. The theme is; time and the challenge is; painting as inspiration. When I read what the challenge was about, I thought of my dad. He's gone now but his hobby was painting. That's why I have used a painting which he made and also which I alway's liked, especially when I was a child. I would dream about what could happen when I imagined I was there, in the painting. The woman (self-portrait) is looking at the painting and memories floating into her head and she goes back in time and sees how her father is working on a painting, quiet and concentrated. He's in his element. And I know how he must have felt. I love what I do because when I'm editing I'm an art painter and I am in my element. I think of how he looks at me from above from the warmth of the sky and I hope he's proud...

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