'Pressure'.... This theme of the 12th Content Creation Challenge was hard and I struggled for a long time. 

I took my time to get inspired and because I had other concerns who were more important to me, I had to let go. But the beautiful thing is by letting go great things happen. I got more and more inspired because of allowing pressure. I succeeded in making a new image. Yes I sometimes wanted to skip this 12th challenge day. And move on. But I didn't, I pushed myself and tried over and over again to build my image and all because of me wanting to learn and grow. Even when it is hard believe when you are in deep, dark water there is alway's something to hold on to and pull yourself out there again.

During editing I used a beautiful fishtank and made a beautiful dress. I had so much fun with the fishes and using all kinds of colors. So put some fun in what you are doing when you're feeling pressured and life becomes much more beautiful. In terms of growth and dare....

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