This is my first fine art image of this year. 2018 will be a good year so I have decided. Because for one I will proceed in english because I love this language and I can express myself in a much better way. I even think english when I'm working during my fine art photography process. And second and most important I want to do an exhibition this year!!
Therefore I'm preparing a whole new series of images. This will take time but I know what I want to achieve. Especially what I hope is for other people to be inspired or recognize themselves in my art. In any way when I have finished this series you are able to buy one of my images. They will be available in 3 sizes and in different editions. And as far as I can see it will be a series of 9 pieces. I also want to do crowdfunding. When you are interested you can leave your name and emailadress so I can give you some information. You can also go to my website www.somethingelsphotography.com and leave me a message. I am looking forward to inform you about crowdfunding my project. Thank you much. Els Aartse


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