Lady luck

However I knew what I wanted to create this day this image has become more meaningful than I could ever imagine. I had different feelings while I was editing this image and I felt strong, fulfilled and proud of myself. 


This image is about how this strong woman needs her man to understands her for being who she is and where she stands for.

Only then he can feel the same luck like his lady.


Lady luck ain't playing on my side

Lady luck ain't smiling down

Lady luck don't care about my pride

lady luck lay's it down

I get this feeling I can dream tonight

Yeah I've been seeing all the signs

A dream no one can dream to undermine

This time I am gonna get it right

Lady luck ain't playing on my side

Lady luck ain't smiling down

Lady luck don't care about my pride

Lady luck lay's it down

Sometimes I wish I could anesthetize

Bring up the lows bring down the highs

She is the one I need to symphathise

She is the one who sees me cry

And I've been waiting for her day and night

I know my lady is around

I would put everything I have on the line

I will get better odds than now

Lady luck I need a little light

Lady luck I need you now

Lady luck you have to make it right

Lady luck don't let me down

And it ain't something you can synthesise

It ain't something you can buy

Ain't got nothing to do with wrong and right

Got everything to do with time

Lady luck you save my life tonight

Lady luck I owe you now

Lady luck I'll be a better guy

Lady I'll share your luck around

Lady luck is standing by my side

Lady luck won't let me drown

Lady luck shows me a better sign

Lady luck lay's it down






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