Filthy Waters ...

A new image of my new series. My story began a long time ago. But now it's time to share this story with others and with them who are or have been in that same position as I did ones. This series is about abuse and fighting a way through all the hurt and humiliation to be heard and seen. First I was anxious but now I am determined to tell my story and I hope to inspire others. For I am no longer and will never be walking in Filthy Waters again. I will be making art as I have never done and dare to do before. And I am confident to do what I must do. I have to be vulnerable and honest. Honest to myself so I can be honest to them who needs it the most. So I hopefully can reach out to them who wants narcissism to stop. 'Therefor you have to leave, because that's the only way you no longer will be the victim anymore of this narcissistic person.


'She carries a lot of rules. It's heavy but must be done. Otherwise she will not be loved. Despite of making her way through violent waters and haunted by dark waves she continues to stay focused on what is expected of her. "I'm almost there." Is what she thinks when she meets the expectations of others. Hoping for that one mask she needs so much....'

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