Way out

When you are finally feeling all dirty because of the mud that has thrown at you and the sourness of the wounds that are all over your body, it's time to make a plan. Because every day you have the change to protect yourself from further damage. Find your way out, clean up and nourish your wounds.


Beautiful is the woman who has learned

to value her own

happiness and self-esteem

and to undervalue

the superficial opinions of others


_sir_rollins {quote}

I had a great time feeling the muddy earth on my skin. By rubbing it down and feeling it between my toes I felt free and inspired. It got even better when I stapped in my shower for a few seconds so the earth could blend with the water. This was exactly how I imagined it for making this image.

However I had to go back to how I felt when I was in a dominant relationship and take a pose for being in that same moment I felt strong because of knowing I can make art with what I have learned and overcome in life. I hope you can appreciate my story. Because there are so many people who are in a narcissistic relationship. I want so much for them to see my work and read about it so they know they are not alone and there is a way out....

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