Bluish soul

This image is about being able to be who you want to be! And knowing you are beautiful just the way you are.


These colors of the peacock feathers I like so much! I bought these feathers as props a little while ago. I knew I had to put these into an image. It was in my head for a long time to make a dress with these feathers and it had to tell a story about acceptance and being who you want to be. It is what my life is al about. Because I'm getting older I realize so much more what my goals are, who I want to be, how I have to take care of myself and especially how to accept myself getting older and being beautiful for all I am. 'Bluish soul'


While I was editing I felt so good about the colors. And I want to do more with that feeling. So I will make more of these sorts of images. My head is spinning because of all the inspiration I got because of this image. So you will see more of this....soon. 

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