Reflection of the Soul

It took me some time to make something new. I didn't had enough inspiration. I wanted something new and I was just waiting for what I made today. Because I realized it doesn't matter how I feel to make something beautiful. I went deep down in my head, my hart, my soul and there it is. This new image is about this woman, she dares to show herself how she feels and she accepts the fact it ain't the end of the world for feeling what is. She picks up the autumn leaves who are already dried out and the color tones are fading away. But despite of it all she knows there is alway's beauty in everything. Even when you think inspiration has run out. You can get inspiration out of everything good or bad, light or dark even when you are happy or sad or even depressed. Everything you feel is oké. There is no good or bad about it. So use it and you will see how it brings you in another world. And when it does it's such a great feeling because you have the possibility to create.  Create what is important to you and feel joy and happiness during your process. Because what you make is special and unique. It's you.

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