Sound of Silence

The dress I bought on marketplace and I did a little adjustments for being also a cape. The fabric is so beautiful with the golden thread flowers. I made this headpiece myself. Last summer when I walked the dog I collected feathers from different birds in the park but also the beautiful feathers of this family of swans who cleaned themselves up in the morning. When they were floating in the pond I was able to find the most white and big beautiful feathers I could use. I feel rich when doing that. Because nature has simply beautiful treasures to find. You only have to really open your eyes and see what nature brings you. First I made the crown out of fabric of an old vintage pillow. The garlands I used I collected during time. The feathers I have sewn by hand so it was secured. When a fabric or something useful appeals to me I save it for when I need it in an image. Because it's for a good reason I find what is on my way. And some day I use it as a prop or just to make something new in clothes or headpieces. And this form of being creative is what I also love so much!

To be creative in the whole process of making art that's when I am at my best. That's really who I am.


So this is what I made this second image this same day. And I love the color tones. The image is about being true to yourself. When I am creating a new image like today I love the silence. No-one around me, only me and my little friend. {Shabbie, she's my dog} but she also likes me working and laying beside me and enjoys the silent sounds of nothing. Nothing! Just being with what you are doing, with yourself. With the sound of silence. Like the bird who is not making any sound. 


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