Finally my first exhibition is here. These three images are exposed now at the showroom of Insta-green Dordrecht. I am so very happy I got the opportunity by Emiel of Insta-green for having my images hanging in his showroom. These images are only three consisting of nine pieces of the series 'Random Freedom'

When you want to know more about the story behind a specific image you can go back in my journal history and read how it came together and what the meaning is. On friday's the showroom will be open {except for the holiday's} for public so you can see the images for yourself. Also you can see the beautiful flower arrangements which are also art pieces made by Emiel the owner of Insta-green.

Oudendijk 28 A, 3318AH Dordrecht 06013963501

When you are interested in one of these images you can buy this unique artwork. The price of an image which are already framed is €550.00 per image. You can send me an email or call me: 06-52350626


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