Lost & Found

'Blue Valley ... '

Finally I made this image came together. And I'm thankful I was able to create this for me very important image. The background in this image is actually a painting. A painting my father made I think in his fifties. Like I am now. When I was a child and played in the big hallway of my childhood home, most of the time dressing up and swinging, I alway's looked up to this image I was drawn to.

I imagened being there. Standing before this gate with these warm orange colored stones on top  looking into this beautiful blue valley. Wondering what I could find overthere. Because of being this uninhibited child I was able to think whatever I wanted without references. So I did. And still I do. Trying to be that child again. 

-This image is for you dad in memory. For what I had lost, created and found again.- 

With love ... Els


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