Message to you

-With all I have learned this year as a person and as a fine art photographer I can only say that I am grateful to find so much new lessons this year. I had the opportunity photographing this special girl who was so very kind to share with me her being thankful for becoming more secure about herself because of this special photoshoot I made with her.

-Also I found out more about who I am and what I want and need to do in my life. It is my personal journey which I began a year ago. I discovered my creativity in fine art which gives me a feeling of being free.

I discovered I love english poetry and literature and writing my story in english.

-My next challenge for this new year will be creating art about mental abuse because of narcissism and all that comes with it. But also how to become free from this abuse and after this difficult time how to experience freedom. Because freedom is what you deserve. I hope I'll be able to inspire others and when I have made this new series I hope to exhibit my work in a real gallery. Wow I said it. Will be continued. ;-)

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