03. september 2019
This image say's in context to be true to yourself. "Like the way you dig sunsets. Keep that way, it's a good way to be." by Robert Frost
06. augustus 2019
Start working on my new series 'Opening Doors' It's about what you will find during your travel in life. This woman, she stay's curious because there is always something behind every door. She believes it's ment to be to find what's behind it. So she will be opening doors for the rest of her life. * Ment to be is what she believes Ment to be is exploring life Ment to be is like beautiful leaves Ment to be is making changes and dare to dive *
20. juni 2019
Volgende week is het zover dan exposeer ik mijn nieuwe serie afbeeldingen 'Flowergathering' genaamd. Tijdens de officiële opening van de nieuwe showroom van Emiels Instagreen zal ik ook aanwezig om je alle info te geven over mijn werk als kunstfotograaf. En voor de kinderen heb ik een leuk presentje. Deze dag zal heel toepasselijk in het teken staan van samenkomen. Hoop iedereen te mogen verwelkomen die geïnteresseerd is. Kom jij ook een kijkje nemen? Graag tot de 29ste. Looking forward. ;-)
05. juni 2019
* When life is hard and pain is indescribable when fear is tearing you apart You will learn that there is always someone who will give you the strength to fight no matter what This special person is someone who loves you because he has also this beautiful heart *
03. mei 2019
Beautiful Evi ...
21. februari 2019
This is my second image I made for this new project I started about flower gathering. I am so excited about this image I made by taking my time for making it came together. This lovely and beautiful young girl, who did marvellous during this shoot, has this mysterieus look and these flowers are gathered around her for different reasons. Reasons you may fill in. What does this image do for you? What feeling do you get from it. I would like to hear your comment. Thank you...
05. februari 2019
This time I chose the piano with musician Peter Broderick. The title of this piece of music fitted well with what I felt during creating this piece of art. "Despite of different obstacles during your journey take good care of yourself.Be beautiful, dress up and feel golden. Nothing is gonna hurt you with your eyes shut." This image reminds me of this storytelling book I still have from my childhood with these magical pictures that are in it. The story of Cinderella. For me it's happiness to...
15. januari 2019
A new year with some new projects I want to work on. One of them is about flowers and all what is coming with these beautiful treasures. For instance this poem of Robert Frost, Flower-Gathering. This title caught my eye and it felt right for this specific image I made today. I love the colortones and makes me happy. There are a lot of them but somehow it all comes together. For the next months I will be making this kind of flowerimages because I want to make a whole new series for selling and...
01. januari 2019
This image I made on the 31th of december 2018 passes on in the first day of the year 2019. This clock shows that no matter what time it is it will not hold back by going on. When the year is passing and it becomes a whole new one we are more aware of time. Aware of making changes in one way or another. By being aware of time gradually no matter where the clock points to you alway's can change. You can untie yourself whenever you are ready. Time will tell you only to learn you your lessons. *...
17. december 2018
-With all I have learned this year as a person and as a fine art photographer I can only say that I am grateful to find so much new lessons this year. I had the opportunity photographing this special girl who was so very kind to share with me her being thankful for becoming more secure about herself because of this special photoshoot I made with her. -Also I found out more about who I am and what I want and need to do in my life. It is my personal journey which I began a year ago. I discovered...

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